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Hair Drug Testing


Hair growth is fed by the bloodstream, and any ingestion of illicit drugs can be revealed by testing a small hair sample. Most hair follicle drug testing methods measure the amount of drug metabolites embedded inside the hair strand shaft. This method is believed to reduce the risk of external contamination as the source of a positive result.


Testing hair follicles for the presence of drugs is an effective method for determining if someone is abusing drugs. Hair drug testing, when compared to urine drug testing uncovers more drug use. In fact hair drug testing uncovers up to 8 times more drug abusers than does urinalysis.


To perform the test, a small sample of hair is cut at the scalp. The analysis of that hair sample evaluates the amount of the drug metabolites left behind in the hair shaft. Hair drug testing is designed to reveal the presence of drug abuse levels that could only occur from taking the drugs, not just being exposed to them.


These are our standard Panels:

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