Oral Fluids (Saliva) Alcohol Testing


Our Oral Fluids testing for Alcohol comes in two forms:


  • Saliva is collected in a convenient self contained swab kit and sent to our Laboratory partner to determine the presence of Alcohol.


  • You can purchase from us and use our instant test. The instant alcohol test provides highly accurate, quantitative oral fluid results in an simple-to-administer kit. This non-invasive test does not require a special collection facility and can be administered on-site, anytime and anywhere making it ideal for a variety of industries and testing circumstances.The instant test provides quantitative results in a matter of minutes which are easily read on a thermometer-like device. This non-invasive testing method is a proven alternative to blood testing and is backed by clinical lab accuracy. In clinical trials, oral fluid alcohol levels measured with the Q.E.D. test demonstrated high correlation to blood analyzed by gas chromatography and produced no false positive or false negative results.


      Benefits of Rapid Alcohol Testing:


  • Rapid results, available within minutes of the collection

  • Easy to use

  • Accurate, reliable, quantitative results

  • DOT-approved

  • CLIA-waived

  • Built-in quality control indicator